The Clutha District Emergency Services Trust was established in 2008 to provide a coordinated, collaborative umbrella for emergency response services across the Clutha District.  They meet six times a year to look at District-wide service provision, where any gaps might be and how those gaps might be filled.  They also collaborate on two key projects. 

One is the Incident Control Centre, a fully fitted out mobile unit, that is used in various capacities by many organisations in Clutha from search and rescue to community events.  This is currently being upgraded with new software – when it was initially set up, walkie talkies and fax were the prime means of communication. How quickly the world has changed!

The other project the Trust manages is the Defibrillator Project, which provides and maintains 12 defibrillators in key locations.  These have to be serviced and maintained, and people trained to operate them.  The recent grant from the Clutha Foundation will be used to pay for replacement batteries and pads as they are needed.

The Trust is made up of representatives from, but not limited to, FENZ, Police, St John, Emergency Management Otago, Health, Victim Support, Red Cross, Search and Rescue, Flood Prevention and Silver Fern Farms, who have their own emergency response team in situ.  It is a very tangible example of the benefits of community collaboration for the greater good.  Community service is the bedrock of rural life, with many people willingly contributing their time, energy and money to improve life for others.  The Clutha Foundation can be a partner in this process, helping people to create lasting legacies to support their communities. 

If you would like to become a donor and help us to support initiatives like the Clutha District Emergency Services Trust, contact us now.