Community Funds are endowment funds targeted to benefit specific communities within the Clutha District.  The initial donors define the geographical area that will benefit from the fund, which is built up by donations from anyone who has a wish to contribute to a lasting legacy for the community they love.  

Once the initial donation of $5000 has been made, the fund is then open for anyone to contribute to.  The fund is invested and managed by the Clutha Foundation and once it reaches $50,000 will start to pay out from income generated to charitable causes within the defined local community.  

Donations can be made in the form of living gifts (which will receive a tax rebate of 33%) and gifts left in wills.  The fund will grow over time and the income generated will continue to benefit the community in perpetuity.

If you are interested in donating to a Community Fund or in starting one up for your local community, please contact us.


The Kaitangata Community Fund has been opened with donations from three local donors who want to be part of setting up a fund that will benefit the people and the local environment of Kaitangata for generations to come.  If you want to donate to the Kaitangata Fund, click here.