Tamariki Tuatahi: Plunket New Parents’ Group

The Clutha Foundation is proud to have supported the Tamariki Tuatahi, or first-time parents group, in South Otago over the past year.  This initiative has received a warm response from parents who have participated in the groups held in Milton and Balclutha.  

The group provides a supportive environment where new parents can explore various aspects of parenting, helping them define their parenting style and gain a deeper understanding of their role.  Topics include infant brain development, developmental stages, parenting styles, sleep, maternal wellness and introducing first foods to babies.

The $2,000 grant provided by the Clutha Foundation contributed to operational costs, such as wages for the facilitator, power and rent – Plunket community services solely rely on grants, donations and fundraising efforts, as they do not receive government funding.


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